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You decide that you need to see a specialist in respiratory medicine and want to see Dr Jose.

GP referral

Following discussion with your GP the decision is made that you need to see a specialist. Your GP makes the recommendation for you to see Dr Jose or you ask your GP to refer you to Dr Jose. The GP referral can be sent to us by email, by post or by completing this online form. 

Specialist referral

Following discussion with another specialist doctor (e.g. haemato-oncologist or rheumatologist) the decision is made that you need to see a specialist in respiratory medicine. The specialist makes the recommendation for you to see Dr Jose or you ask the specialist to refer you to Dr Jose. The specialist referral can be sent by email, by post or by completing this online form.

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Clinic Office

The consultation

In the initial  consultation Dr Jose will take a detailed history. In an outpatient clinic room consultation an examination will be performed. Dr Jose will offer a working hypothesis (differential diagnosis) and if needed recommend investigations and treatment plan. Lab blood tests, lung function tests, peak flow monitoring, chest x ray, CT scan, other scans (if indicated), allergy blood/skin tests, sleep studies, bronchoscopy may be recommended.


As far as possible, the investigations will be done at the hospital or clinic where you are seen. These will be performed as expeditiously as possible. Due to limitations imposed by requirements to keep facilities COVID secure some investigations (e.g. lung function) may take longer than normal. If investigations may be available more quickly at one of the other local network hospitals, these may be offered to you. 

Feno test

Personalised follow up, ongoing support and care

After your investigations it is usual to have a follow up appointment to discuss the results and treatment plan. It may be that following initial investigations further tests are required or that response to treatment needs to be assessed, resulting in further follow up appointments. You will be advised of the plan during your consultation and Dr Jose will always try to keep the number of consultations needed to the minimum required. Your follow up appointment can be booked during the consultation or afterwards by the booking team.  If you have any concerns about your progress before your follow up appointment, do not hesitate to ask for advice.


A report of the consultation will be sent to you including the findings, diagnosis and recommended management  plan. This will also be sent to your referring GP or Specialist. Copies of the investigations, including a CD of any imaging studies are available to you on request (a fee may be applied). 

Dr Jose and his team will do everything we can to answer your queries promptly. Do not hesitate to ask.


Dr Jose is accepted and fee-assured by many insurance companies. If you have insurance your consultations will be covered by your policy. 

You must always speak to your Insurer before a consultation, investigation or procedure to ensure they will cover the cost. You will be issued with an ‘Authorisation Number’ that you should give the booking office.


You may choose to pay for the consultation yourself. Payments can be made via bank transfer or your debit or credit card.

If you have insurance but it limits how many times you can have a consultation or where you have it, you can self-pay if needed. 

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