Frequently asked questions

Availability can be found in the booking calendar where you can book your consultation online –  click here


Alternatively, please call +44 (0)20 3918 5746 or email



New patient consultation fees are £250 and follow-up consultations fees are £200. Dr José is fee assured with several medical insurance companies.

As far as possible investigations will be done at the clinic or hospital where you are first seen. 


These will be performed as expeditiously as possible and an attempt will be made for them to be carried on the same day of your visit.

Yes. Video consultations are a useful way to be seen without having to travel to the consultation premises.



This has been helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic and for those living far away who don’t necessarily want to travel to London for their appointment.



Dr Jose can be flexible with video consultation requests. Please request your video consultation here.

Yes. Face to face appointments in the clinic room are available.


Please book your consultation appointment here.


If you need a date or time not available in the online calendar please email

Yes, a comprehensive second opinion service is available.


This will involve review of your clinical information and the results of the investigations that you have already had performed.


This will be followed by a written report with the opinion on the diagnosis and recommendations for future management. 



Please email for information about the transfer of your available clinical information and test results.


Radiology imaging will need to be submitted as DICOM files via dropbox or a CD can be posted to the clinic. 



The second opinion service fee includes a 30 min consultation.


Depending on the quantity of paperwork and investigations to review there may be associated additional fees.


If reporting of radiology imaging by a specialist chest radiologist is deemed necessary then additional charges will apply.


Further charges will also apply for follow up consultations or new investigations that need to be done. 


Please note that opinions can only be given to the patient themselves and not relatives or friends.  

Follow up consultations aren’t always needed depending on the outcome of the initial consultation.


However, follow up visits are recommended after investigations to discuss results and make subsequent management plans.


They are also important to assess response to treatment and ensure stability fo chronic conditions. 

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