Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterial Pulmonary Disease: Understanding the disease

NTM pulmonary disease

What are NTM? Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM) constitute a large group of diverse organisms found in a variety of natural environments. These bacteria thrive in both water and soil, and can be found in natural bodies of water, tap water, and even in your shower at home. NTM are called “non-tuberculous” to distinguish them from the…

When Should You Be Worried About Your Cough?

chronic cough

A cough is often considered a routine symptom of a common cold, flu, or even an allergic reaction. However, there can be times when a cough isn’t merely an annoyance but a sign of something more serious. This is when you should consult a cough treatment specialist. Let’s explore the circumstances under which you should…

5 Reasons Why your Cough would never Fade: Chronic cough

chronic cough

What is a Chronic cough? Most coughs are short lived. They are a present during a brief illness such as when someone has a cold. However, some of these coughs can last up to 8 weeks.It is called a chronic cough.This is long enough for people to find it unbearable and seek medical attention. A…

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